Ikea Place

Ikea Place leverages Augmented Reality technology to offer users the ability to virtually experience how Ikea products will appear in their chosen space. The app pulls products from Ikea’s catalogue and allows users to create wishlists as well as embedded links to direct users to the Ikea’s website for further details.
Technologies it uses: camera.

This app is quite easy to access and use because it has an introduction section for people to how to use it effectively and directively. It satisfies people’s “window” shopping desires to real.  

  • replicating and placing items accurately
  • easier shopping experience – also customized: upload images of furniture to the IKEA Place app, and the technology will automatically scan the catalog for similar items to help you find products you’re more likely to like. You can also Click the “Like” button next to items and add them to your profile, so the next time you actually visit IKEA, you can find your shopping list in just a few taps


  1. Access for companies to enter your private space
  2. Selling a “dream”

Over consumption

Recommendations of other products users may like

Ikea induces you to buy all Ikea furniture 

3. Unsure how data may be used

Will Ikea use this data to guide future designs?

– Zoe Du, Jasmin Ozolins

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