(Class Practice)

MPs immerse themselves in VR questions - BBC News


“The computer has now become an actor in the field of reality. In a single step, its capacity to a!ect us has amplified beyond all expectation – and beyond any frameworks of design, ethics, law, or culture. We have computers that can now play with our heads, but we have no rules to restrain their engagement. When computers sat comfortably “over there” – visible and therefore limited – we could comprehend and manage their capacities. As they fade into invisibility, with vast new capacities to shape our view of reality, we must consider how we can safely allow them to do so – and how they must announce themselves when doing it.” (Mark Pesce, Augmented Reality, 2021, p. 9). How is augmented reality already shaping your everyday life? In what ways can it be used for positive purposes, and not just for greater suerveillance?