AR Game

Deep Space 8K / Game Changer Suite

Deep Space 8K / Game Changer Suite” by Ars Electronica is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

I would design an AR game about stress relief, like a zap or Whack-a-mole, that can be used to give people a break to relax and release stress. Through the AR device, you can work in single-player mode or two-player team mode.People can access different game modes by choosing different mode Settings depending on their preferences.

The upside is that AR can be immersive, transporting players to a virtual world, a cyberpunk feel. The colorful game world gives people amazing and refreshing game experience, and you can vent your emotions. But at the same time there is a potential concern is a guarantee of player safety, the quality of the equipment is very high, to prevent some accidents.