Augmented reality

Augmented reality: what is it?
Through the use of technology, a 3D image can be virtually integrated into a “real-world” experience. This provides the user the impression that the virtual object is physically present alongside them.

AR is frequently utilised in games to provide players a more realistic experience and to engage more senses. However, it also benefits the buying process.

Consider it like this: The only thing you can buy online are product pictures. There may be a 360-degree movie or image on occasion, but that is uncommon. Contrast that with an augmented reality experience, such as seeing how a hat would appear on your head or how a table would fit in your kitchen.

Because of this, some companies are implementing technology into their business plans.


The iPhone and Android augmented reality app IKEA Place focuses on home décor. With no assembly necessary, the Swedish furniture merchant offers customers the possibility to use their products in their homes.

This programme considers the wider picture and the complete layout of your home to determine which products will fit where the best. Nearly all of the pleasure of the IKEA experience is taken away by the simple drag-and-drop capabilities and the ability to view multiple colours.