Never get lost again

Compared with the traditional map, the core of AR map is the combination algorithm of AR real scene and map data. The method of “camera capture real scene + map” is used for parallel display, and the APP is used to calculate the difference between the longitude and latitude of the user’s current position and the destination by combining the GPS gyroscope sensor of the mobile phone and the mobile phone camera, so that intuitive arrows can be given to guide navigation in the real scene environment displayed on the mobile phone screen.

This specific technique and be a “life savor” for those who are struggling to identify direction through the use of traditional maps.

The path will be delivered in a more obvious way that user can simply follow the path that is seen on the screen. This can reduce the possibility of going the wrong way.

Other than that.

AR shopping mall map according to the actual location of consumers, in the form of pictures, text, video, web pages, etc., the corresponding store information, commodity information, service information, guide information, etc., to make shopping more fun. In addition to product information, the content can also include information obtained from sensors, such as temperature, humidity, time, and decibels.
AR shopping malls real map, used in shopping malls, pedestrian streets and other shopping places, store information, promotional information, play product advertisements, browse the store web pages, convenient for consumers to know the commodities and stores in real time, online and offline integrated shopping, shopping experience evaluation, bring new immersive shopping experience.

Although that the invention of AR maps has brought a lot of benefits to people’s life, its disadvantage can not be ignore as well. Since the program started, users complain about how easily it is to lost signal especially when they are driving through the tunnel.