Introduction: SketchAR turns your smartphone screen into an augmented reality drawing aid, overlaying a sketch or line art image on a blank piece of paper that you can then trace over or use as the basis of your own sketch.

Users can choose from a library of sketches included in the app, or transform their own photos into traceable line art with the app. SketchAR is designed to work on A4-sized paper or any paper with four reference circle markers drawn on it to provide scale markers to the app.

SketchAR won’t substitute for a proper drawing class by any means, but it’s a cute software toy to play with and one of the best-augmented reality apps we’ve seen lately.



Easy to create your own work towards any object.

Friendly to people who don’t have any background in painting.

Potential negative aspects:

Others may use this software to spoof other people’s images.