Week 8 Tutorial Exercise – AR Application

App: INKHUNTER Try Tattoo Designs

The app allows you to try on tattoos. You can choose tattoos to try on from their gallery, or upload your own images and try them on. You can edit the tattoo style until it suits your style/preference. With the app, you can project the tattoo onto any part of your body and look at it from different angles.


  • You can try on tattoos in the comfort of your own home
  • You don’t have to waste time in an actual tattoo studio trying on the tattoo and looking from different angles, you can just use the app
  • You can try on different artworks and styles before you make a decision on what you like
  • More obviously: you can see if you like a tattoo before you have it on your body for life
  • AR gives the opportunity to see the style on yourself rather than looking at it on other people’s bodies (which could be possible without AR)

Problems / Concerns

  • The app will not only be monitoring your preferences, but they will be able to see your body and physical appearance once you use the app
  • Privacy issue – is this invading privacy if the app can keep your ‘preferences’ – and also keep images of any parts of your body where you want to place a tattoo

Overall, if the user is willing to reveal parts of their body on an app and is comfortable with the possibility of their personal information and preferences being stored, this application seems like a great way to use AR.