The game Fitness Ring – AR now

By Nijun Chen & Beini Jiang

The game Fitness Ring Adventure uses AR technology to allow the user to work out by manipulating the switch controller in conjunction with the game graphics. It effectively solves the problem of lack of exercise for those who like to stay at home and play games. From a user experience point of view, the game has a rich and interesting level design that motivates the users. The one downside is that the switch device required for the game is not cheap, making it a burden for those who don’t already have it at home.

The game Fitness Ring Adventure offers convenience to people who don’t have time to exercise because of work or study. In some ways, it can replace traditional outdoor exercise and provide a workout at home while having fun at the same time. According to Metacritic’s overall rating, Fitness Ring Adventure received a “generally positive” rating of 83/100, with most reviewers saying that it is not designed for strength training, but rather to maintain a healthy condition. During the period of COVID-19, people were affected by the epidemic in order to exercise at home, and a wave of a rush to buy caused the price in the market to soar.

At the same time, because this is always a game, many people are really too addicted to this, and thus accidents 2022 May 20, Hong Kong, an 18-year-old teenager playing this game, was found by his mother at home after the teenager suddenly fainted and unconscious, head injuries and ear and nose bleeding, paramedics arrived to confirm that the subject died on the spot. It is understood that the subject was found with the TV still on, holding the remote control of the game console, with the game accessories tied to his feet and a yoga mat on the floor. After a preliminary investigation by the Hong Kong police, it is believed that the victim suddenly fainted and fell down while playing this game.