In-Class Assignment: Yun Chen

I am planning on answering question 3: “Bullying, harassment, violent content, hate, porn and other problematic content circulates on digital platforms. Who should be responsible for stopping the spread of this content and how?”

I will address this issue by researching about a couple different digital platforms, ranging from social media to private messaging applications. Some examples I will dive deeper into are Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Discord. The stance I am taking is that digital platforms are responsible for stopping the spread of this content despite the Communications Decency Act that labels them as bystanders. After explaining how societal conditions and expectations have changed, forcing more responsibility onto tech companies to take responsibility for harmful and illegal content distributed through their platforms, I will use specific examples from different social media websites to support my statement.

Social Media Landscape (redux)” by fredcavazza is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

I still need to find supporting images, social media content, and Creative Commons images to support my blog post. Additionally, I would like to find more academic journals to support my essay.