Assignment 2 Progress


Diversity” by OregonDOT is licensed under CC BY 2.0 .

Topic: To what extent has a lack of diversity influenced the development of the internet? How does this lack of diversity harm societies and individuals?

In order to address this question, I am planning on looking at the marginalization of communities as a societal issue before pointing it towards the shortcomings within the digital, internet space. Apart from seeing it negatively impact diverse communities and backgrounds, I want to be able to look at how the discourse of the subject is similarly shaped, whether intentional or unintentional by the design of the systems.

Apart from finding supporting media, I want to be able to highlight the differences of cultural expression by different communities within a diverse, multicultural society.

“Former Federal CIO Tony Scott Discusses the Lack of Diversity in Tech” by Duke University — The Fuque School of Business