Inappropriate content is circulating on digital platforms who will stop it?

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In modern society, the internet has a presence over most of the world and spread-out the amount of news or information to all corners of the world. It ensures that everyone could know the important events that happened every day. Moreover, the internet has promoted social development, such as it allowed people to chat with their friends online or do some entertainment. However, the internet is just like an iceberg at sea. Sometimes we can only see the surface of the iceberg. We may think that the iceberg is beautiful but sometimes people are attracted by the beauty and ignore the dark side of the internet. The dark side of the internet is there is numerous pornographies, violent, and hate speech content that has been published on social media platforms. That inappropriate content is like a parasite that lived on the internet for a long time. In order to make our internet environment safer and cleaner. Government, social media companies, and media users should take responsibility to regulate those problematic content on the internet and stop the spreading of that information.

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Government’s responsibility

Government should take the primary position in the regulate of internet problematic content. Since the rapid growth of the internet. Tons of people have participated on the internet. Under different nationalities, and different ages. However, since the large scale of the social media user. Increasingly several negative contents have been published on social media platforms. such as some people on social media could publish hateful content like “White supremacy” This hateful speech could mislead people to think they are superior to other races and may attack someone from other races. Moreover, for those people who like to post a gun image on social media with inappropriate comments. It also could lead proliferation of firearms and provide a chance for people to sell the gun on social media. Hence, the negative content that posts on social media platforms could lead to increasing crime rates. For instance, according to the research, the internet could bring a significant negative influence on society, such as teenagers could obtain information that is not suitable for their age, some crooks using the internet to hack into people’s accounts to carry out fraudulent activities, including stealing data or bank details, and some people has using the internet to spread hate and terrorism. All those information has demonstrated that problematic content will cause serious consequences to society and it is necessary for the government to take responsibility for regulating digital platforms. Firstly, the government could enactment of legislation to prevent those negative content that spreading on social media. Since, if the government takes tough measures the regulate social media. Those people who post inappropriate content on social media could be held legally responsible or even jailed. In order to reduce the spread of undesirable information on social media platforms. For instance, the Australian government has published the social media (Anti-Trolling) Bill 2022. This legislation is to reveal the publisher of the anonymous post on social media when the post contained defamatory information. This bill would protect Australians from being attacked by defamatory anonymous posts on the internet. Therefore, the government should take more responsibility to make the internet environment getting better and the government should publish a tougher bill to sanction users who post bad information on social media.

Responsibility for social

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media’s company

In today’s society more and more media companies are seeking a good app that can change the way that people communicate online and alternate their lifestyle life such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Undoubtedly, those apps are truly changing the way that people communicate with each other but as the media company, they should regulate their app and make sure that users will have a good environment to use. Since, those three apps are popular among media users, especially the young group. The user uses this app to share their life experience and make a friend from all over the world. However, on those social media platforms, there are large contents that contain sexual, violent, and hateful speech. It is necessary that social media company should regulate the problematic content that has been spread all over the platform. Firstly, the media company should delete some content that contains sex, violence, and racial discrimination on social media. Since those content could lead people became behave negatively. Secondly, the media company should set an age limitation for all users. For example, during the creation of a user’s account, the media company should verify that the user is an adult. These two strategies help media companies to better manage to zone and avoid underage viewing of adult content. Take Facebook as an example, the Facebook has published a societal standard that includes all prohibited posts. First, Facebook bans the selling of drugs, guns, and medication through their platforms. Besides, the Facebook safety department has indicated that when they found some content that may threaten physical injury or public safety, the post will be complete delete and corporate with the political department, this includes some suicide or self-hurt post. Furthermore, Facebook has also published a function that when a picture contained some violent content, the platform will alarm and require the user that sees the content just over 18. It is significantly founded that social media company has played an essential role in regulating social media platforms, and they have the strong authority to stop problematic content that spreading on the internet.


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User’s responsibility

The government and media companies should take the responsibility to regulate content on social media and to make sure that everyone will have a clean and safe internet environment. Besides, media user also needs to regulate the content of media platforms. Social platforms such as Instagram allows people to share image or short video with their friend or family members. Especially the celebrity who got many fans on media platforms. They should take more responsibility to ensure that every post content they published on social media should not contain sexual, violent, or hateful speech. However, if the celebrity did not play a good leadership role on social

media. It could cause the follower to imitate their negative representation. For example, Justin Bieber is one of the most famous singers in the world and he has 118million followers on Instagram. In 2019 he posted a long self-story on Instagram It has revealed that Justin Bieber starts using the drug when he was 19 years old and he abuse his all relationship. Based on the police department has illustrated since 2014 he was arrested for driving under influence, with an expired license, and resisting arrest without violence. Moreover, he apologizes for a video that he used on social media that contains racist language. As a celebrity, he should play a good role that led his fans to stay in positive on social media or life rather than post an inappropriate story on Instagram. It could mislead his followers to behave in a bad way. Therefore, it is necessary for social media users to take responsibility for regulating themselves and behave ethically to stop the spreading of problematic content on social media platforms.


To sum up, all the information that I mentioned above can conclude that media companies, the government, and individuals should regulate content that posts on social media. For the media company and government, they should spend more effort on a regulated social platform such as introducing more restrictions and law to regulate social media rather than letting inappropriate content goes viral on social media.


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