Assignment 3

The Evolution of Facebook

Who is Facebook? The first section of this essay will discuss Facebook’s evolution, by analysing its historical context, and innovative development processes. Following this, I will examine Facebook’s success and domination within the social media […]


You must travel to Africa!!

Travelling to the Greatest Place in the World The Exquisite Africa   Africa is the most beautiful continent, that I have had the privilege of visiting. South African Safari’s allow you to enjoy the nature […]

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Assignment 2

Starting University Guide

5 things we wish we knew when beginning University:  Dom Galetto, Finn McDonagh, Claira Xu   1. Managing our time effectively, timetabling and study tips   2. Subjects guides, and an ultimate insight into picking […]

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Damore fired over Sexist Google memo  Google employee sacked over diversity memo, files unfair dismissal complaint. Legal commentators say the case may get up. The Google engineer fired recently over writing a 10-page viral memo complaining […]