"Game of Phones" by hawaii is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Assignment 3

Major leap for the beloved Pokémon Franchise to the World of Augmented Reality Gaming and Logistical Media

The Pokémon franchise has enjoyed decades of success since its first video game release in 1996 (Jones, 2019). Technological advancements play no small part in promoting and perpetuating such legacy. One of the franchise’s major […]

alice in wonderland at the criss museum
Assignment 2

Down the Rabbit Hole of Augmented/Mixed Reality

As remarked by David Kirby, technological innovation begins with a futuristic idea or “diegetic prototype” that aims to enhance our own existence (Jones, 2020, p. 100). Case in point, Star Trek’s first appearance of the […]


Sightseeing in Vietnam: Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay or Descending Dragon Bay is a must see destination in the North of Vietnam. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Ha Long Bay has an evergreen and oceanic, seashore biosystem with ancient […]