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Bullying, harassment, violent content, hate, porn and other problematic content circulates on digital platforms. Who should be responsible for stoping the spread of this content and how?

An overview of problematic content circulates on digital platform Digital platforms emerged from the web’s exquisite disorder with many being created by individuals inspired by the freedom the web promised to host and expand participation, […]

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The experience in AR world

Adidas has launched an AR experience – the virtual sneaker, that enables users to check how shoes look on their feet in real-time without entering any store.  Intelligent technology satisfies customers’ demand to experience in […]

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Should the Metaverse being governed?

Case Study- 2.0: YouTube Author: Terry Xiao YouTube is open to externally content with a mission of “give everyone a voice and show them the world”, willing to build a content ecosystem with users together. […]