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The Techlash and the Future of Work

“facebook” by Book Catalog is licensed under CC BY 2.0 The growing ‘techlash’ Large technology companies have become so influential that it is impossible to stay out of the spotlight. Their rapid development has dramatically […]


Techlash behind the Internet

In the age of web2.0, tech giants are facing hostility from across the industry. Hence the term Techlash to describe this phenomenon. Techlash was first coined in The Economist in 2018. What it means in […]


Content Moderation are Raising Worries

Content moderations of digital platforms have raised hot issues among internet users as growing digital platforms have been linking more and more users from different regions in recent years. From originally gathering places for limited […]


Bilibili- A Big Community on Internet

Bilibili is a well-known video sharing platform in China today. It is also jokingly called “ b Zhan”( B site) and “Xiao Po Zhan” (small bankrupt site) by users. At present, Bilibili is widely popular […]

Techlash Raises Questions, Carries Risks THOMAS J. DONOHUE /

Q1: The social concerns lie behind the “Techlash” and solution addressed by government, civil organization and technology giants

What is “Techlash”? The word “Techlash” first appeared in 2018. It was a term created by the Economist to describe the growing hostility towards tech giants such as Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft, as […]