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What is meant by “techlash”? Discuss the public concerns that lie behind the techlash. To what extent can these concerns be addressed by governments, by civil society organisations, and by the technology companies themselves?    […]


Let’s enjoy licensed and free music on Spotify!

Introduction Spotify, a Swedish-based audio streaming and media services provider, has revolutionized the music business and transformed the music industry by legally offering free, licensed music (Sun,2019). Unlike many illegal P2P file-sharing hosts/networks, Spotify based […]


WeChat: The Everything Platform

In the era of mobile Internet, it is necessary to “choose the right innovation at the right time” to make a success (Zhu, 2018, p.33). As a brand-new mobile social network platform, WeChat has not […]

Assignment 3

Google: Friend or Foe?

Introduction This essay provides a critical analysis of Google and its transformative effect on society. Google has embedded itself into the lives of people around the world, to the extent that the word ‘Google’ has […]

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Assignment 3

What Has Facebook Brought to The World?

Introduction Facebook is a social media and social networking site, which allow users to connect and share information with family and friends online. It owns over a billion users and has had transformed the traditional […]