Facial recognition system

Is face recognition applicable in Australia?

  Introduction Face recognition is a biometric recognition technology which uses facial feature information to identify the individual. At present, as a technical representative of Internet innovation and artificial intelligence, face recognition is favored by […]

Assignment 2

Face Recognition: Do you know your face is already online?

    Introduction  Biometric identification is the most high-end technology in identity recognition. In this article, there’re the critical thinking of China’s biometrics and the world’s attitude towards it. Next, analyze what opportunities and challenges […]

Assignment 2

Critical Analysis of Biometric Identification

1. Introduction Biometric identification (BI) is seldom a newly-emerged topic. The rapid information technology development in the current century makes it possible for governmental agencies to construct nation-wide identity recognition system on the basis of […]

Image displaying forms of biometric identification such as iris scan & fingerprint.
Assignment 2

Is Australia late to the Biometric Identification Trend?

Recently, implementing biometric technology for identification purposes has become an increasingly viable option due to costs decreasing rapidly and increased promotion of biometrics use in developing countries by global corporations and donors such as the […]

Assignment 2

Should the biometric identification “roam freely” in Australia?

Introduction As an interdisciplinary and comprehensive technology, biometric identification technology has currently been widely used worldwide. However, its implementation has been controversial. In this essay, through a brief analysis of the biometric identification systems in India, […]