What’s Happening, Twitter?

Twitter is a San Francisco, California-based microblogging service where an individual can read and post short messages which are known as “tweets”. Twitter is a social media platform that allows its users to stay interconnected […]

Assignment 2

Creative Commons: The Dubious Value of a Valuable Pursuit

Creative Commons: The Dubious Value of a Valuable Pursuit In a rapidly changing media environment, internet innovations are constantly responding to the flaws of current media culture, technology infrastructures and institutional structures. These innovations can […]

Creative Commons

How Creative Commons being the piorneer of sharing?

Introduction: Copyright Creative Commons has been brought significant effects to the media community, and the way of transformative changes has made benefits to many fields. The goal of this essay is to examine the comprehensive […]


The Creative Commons

Only on the basis of a rich legacy of intellectual effort, creativity and innovation will emerge (Schloman, 2003). People are standing on the shoulders of giants re-recognize, re-use and modify the works and ideas of […]