We Chat, They Catch

With automation and digitisation on the rise, numerous resourceful industry leaders are being overwhelmed by some of the newest Internet companies.These major players haven’t  been willing to give up, and many have invested heavily in […]

Group 1

Moderation: A fantasy or reality?

Introduction From past to present, content moderation has always being a key player in the media industry. Before the 21st century, individuals experienced an era of print and television media when content moderation is easy […]

Assignment 2

Content Moderation On The Internet

“The Terror of War” by Nick Ut, 1972 is also commonly known as “Napalm Girl”. This is a picture that has changed warfare history. In the photo, children are running away from the napalm attack […]

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A Trans Internet

Numerous transgender historians, namely Eve Shapiro of “Gender Circuits” (2010) notoriety, have discussed the global impact of the internet on transgender culture. The apparent irony that a technology created primarily by cisgendered, male scientists would […]

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“Techlash Phenomenon”

  Introduction What is Techlash? Since the early 21st century, significant information technology progress has driven the world into an entirely new and modern era – the digital age. Over time, several large technology companies, […]