Discussing the development of new media produced social problems and countermeasures with techlash

The “techlash” phenomenon refers to a growing animus toward large technology companies (a.k.a., “Big Tech”) and to a more generalized opposition to modern technology itself, particularly innovations driven by information technology.(Robert D. Atkinson, 2021) The […]


Content Moderation in Digital Platforms

  Introduction Social media platforms enable users to create personal profiles, produce and share content ranging from images to texts, videos, and graphics, and form networks and social connections. Social media operators moderate content by […]

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WeChat Is a LifeStyle

  “WeChat is a lifestyle”, is the slogan at the entrance of the WeChat official website. WeChat was launched by Tencent on January 21, 2011. Nowadays It has become the largest communication software in China. Besides […]

Assignment 2

The Posthuman Politics— The Waldo Moment

Introductory Paragraph “The Waldo Moment” is the third episode in season two of the Channel 4 original TV Series, Black Mirror (2013). The director, Bryn Higgins, designs a world that is close to the real […]