Assignment 2

Airbnb: Banking on the Sense of Community

Introduction With the advent of technology and the world becoming a village, the advancement has led to the smooth transitioning of digital interactions into physical ones. Leveraging the power of the internet, organizations have grown […]


TikTok: Successful products under Web 2.0

The emergence of Web 2.0 means that people have officially entered a “new media era.” TikTok has successfully emerged from the short-form video platform with a series of precise and targeted strategies that quickly took […]


TV Shows review: How “Black Mirror” exposes the dark side of current technology and media by depicting the future?

SID: 500006797   |  Name: Zhou yipeng (Elsa)  | CLASS:08   |   TUTOR: Dr. Ayesha Hasan Introduction “Black Mirror” is a science fiction miniseries that was created by Charlie Brooker and launched in 2011 and has been […]

Main topic

The State of Racism in the Internet World: Increasing or Softening?

In the early days of ICT4D(Information and Communications Technologies for Development), people trusted that ICTs(Information and communication technologies) would naturally help reduce the growth of structural inequalities. They thought that since ICTs give access to […]