"Game of Phones" by hawaii is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Assignment 3

Major leap for the beloved Pokémon Franchise to the World of Augmented Reality Gaming and Logistical Media

The Pokémon franchise has enjoyed decades of success since its first video game release in 1996 (Jones, 2019). Technological advancements play no small part in promoting and perpetuating such legacy. One of the franchise’s major […]

Assignment 3

Welcome to the League (of Legends)

Outside the gaming community, the name Riot Games is hardly mentioned but gamers, especially players of PC games may be quite familiar with the company. Emerging as one of the top game developers, Riot Games […]

Assignment 3

The Evolution of Facebook

Who is Facebook? The first section of this essay will discuss Facebook’s evolution, by analysing its historical context, and innovative development processes. Following this, I will examine Facebook’s success and domination within the social media […]

Assignment 2

Creative Commons: The Dubious Value of a Valuable Pursuit

Creative Commons: The Dubious Value of a Valuable Pursuit In a rapidly changing media environment, internet innovations are constantly responding to the flaws of current media culture, technology infrastructures and institutional structures. These innovations can […]