Bike sharing company, Mobike

Bike-sharing pioneer of China: Mobike

Bike-sharing pioneer of China: Mobike newsweek ags , Flickr, All rights reserved     By Ziwei Huang     Mobike has emerged as a social innovation which facilitates the pioneered free-floating bike sharing system of […]

Assignment 3

Stop taking a taxi and go for an Uber

Introduction With the growing demand for sustainability, the sharing economy is seen as an essential element of innovation (Strømmen-Bakhtiar & Vinogradov, 2020). And Innovation comes from new technologies, new business models and new Internet Ecology. […]


Whenever you are anywhere, just go with Uber

  It takes Americans nearly two trillion minutes on commuting to work (Shuter, 2019). The development of GPS-based location services has been accompanied by new startups that offer new categories of vehicular transportation services. Smartphone ridesharing […]


What’s Happening, Twitter?

Twitter is a San Francisco, California-based microblogging service where an individual can read and post short messages which are known as “tweets”. Twitter is a social media platform that allows its users to stay interconnected […]

Uber on Smart Phone
Assignment 3

Uberization: The Rise of Sharing Economy

The ridesharing company Uber could be considered as one of the most significant transportation service platforms within the concept of sharing economy, which offers the “production and consumption of goods and services” (Valente, Patrus, & […]