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assignment 3

Instagram: A focus on the visual

Instagram: A focus on the visual Instagram has changed the world in a social, political and economic sense. The platform transformed the written-based internet into a space of visual communication. The immense transition of focus […]

Assignment 3

How Does Uber Transform Our World?

By Zhengyang Dong Uber has overturned the traditional operation mode of the transportation industry through online platforms and has become an extremely fast-growing global passenger transport service platform (Vlačič & Štromajer, 2020). This essay will […]

Bike sharing company, Mobike

Bike-sharing pioneer of China: Mobike

Bike-sharing pioneer of China: Mobike newsweek ags , Flickr, All rights reserved     By Ziwei Huang     Mobike has emerged as a social innovation which facilitates the pioneered free-floating bike sharing system of […]


Let’s enjoy licensed and free music on Spotify!

Introduction Spotify, a Swedish-based audio streaming and media services provider, has revolutionized the music business and transformed the music industry by legally offering free, licensed music (Sun,2019). Unlike many illegal P2P file-sharing hosts/networks, Spotify based […]