Bike sharing company, Mobike

Bike-sharing pioneer of China: Mobike

Bike-sharing pioneer of China: Mobike newsweek ags , Flickr, All rights reserved     By Ziwei Huang     Mobike has emerged as a social innovation which facilitates the pioneered free-floating bike sharing system of […]


Whenever you are anywhere, just go with Uber

  It takes Americans nearly two trillion minutes on commuting to work (Shuter, 2019). The development of GPS-based location services has been accompanied by new startups that offer new categories of vehicular transportation services. Smartphone ridesharing […]

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Where is you can not never miss in your lifetime?

If you are going to travel to China, The Great Wall in The capital of China, Beijing, you must not miss it! image from   The Great Wall was a military fortification in ancient […]

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Visit Australia’s Most Spectacular Coastline

Feeling the travel blues because of Covid-19 International travel bans? Don’t fret! The best travel destinations are on our own Australian coastlines. An Australian MUST SEE experience, road trip through the Great Ocean Road and […]

Assignment 2

Wonders of the World: The Grove

For many people, this year has been marred by the disappointment of cancelled trips or opportunities to explore the world being missed. However, as Australia’s COVID-19 cases decline and we continue to sit in work, […]