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To what extent has a lack of diversity influenced the development of the internet? How does this lack of diversity harm societies and individuals?

With the development of the Internet, it has become the most important channel for communication and dissemination. While consuming the Internet, various social groups are also consumed by the Internet, because the progress of the […]


Bullying, harassment, violent content, hate, porn and other problematic content circulates on digital platforms. Who should be responsible for stoping the spread of this content and how?

Introduction Since the last century, the Internet has gradually evolved into an essential global information infrastructure, even penetrating various social fields of human society such as politics, economy, trade, culture, and education. (Mifsud Bonnici, 2005) […]

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How to Manage Internet Spam and Bad Information

In recent years, the spread of pornography, false information, and harmful information such as violence in cyberspace have become a major problem plaguing the world’s network development. The United States, European Union member states, and […]