WeChat: The Everything Platform

In the era of mobile Internet, it is necessary to “choose the right innovation at the right time” to make a success (Zhu, 2018, p.33). As a brand-new mobile social network platform, WeChat has not […]

Assignment 3

Stop taking a taxi and go for an Uber

Introduction With the growing demand for sustainability, the sharing economy is seen as an essential element of innovation (Strømmen-Bakhtiar & Vinogradov, 2020). And Innovation comes from new technologies, new business models and new Internet Ecology. […]

Assignment 3

No chill? The Transformative Netflix Effect

This critical web article explores the transformative impact of Netflix, analysing its role in redefining global media and television through its proliferation of media content distribution on the internet. When evaluating Netflix’s transformative effects, political, […]

assignment 3

Taobao Changed Life

Introduction Taobao, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, uses the advantages of the Internet to promote its global shopping and convenient services. Now it has become an “indispensable e-commerce platform in China” (WSJ, n.d.) and a […]


TikTok, the Influential Social Application

This essay will analyze TikTok, which is the most popular short video application. Its unique short video social features have a transformative effect on people’s understanding of the Internet and online business models. In addition, […]