Black Mirror opening sequence text
Group 11

Black Mirror: Navigating between virtual and real

From the first serialized season to the fifth, Black Mirror series has been released for ten years, which tells a lot about the internet and technology affect people’s social life, privacy, trust, snooping, and so […]


TV Shows review: How “Black Mirror” exposes the dark side of current technology and media by depicting the future?

SID: 500006797   |  Name: Zhou yipeng (Elsa)  | CLASS:08   |   TUTOR: Dr. Ayesha Hasan Introduction “Black Mirror” is a science fiction miniseries that was created by Charlie Brooker and launched in 2011 and has been […]

Group 10

Always Something There To Remind Me

“A woman enters the Black Museum, where the proprietor tells his stories relating to the artifacts,” (, 2011). Rolo Haynes calls them artifacts, we call them potential future technologies that can bring both joy and pain […]

Assignment 2

The Posthuman Politics— The Waldo Moment

Introductory Paragraph “The Waldo Moment” is the third episode in season two of the Channel 4 original TV Series, Black Mirror (2013). The director, Bryn Higgins, designs a world that is close to the real […]