Creative Commons

How Creative Commons being the piorneer of sharing?

Introduction: Copyright Creative Commons has been brought significant effects to the media community, and the way of transformative changes has made benefits to many fields. The goal of this essay is to examine the comprehensive […]

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Creative Commons licenses: the brand-new era of social sharing

A Brief Introduction of Creative Commons: Video:Creative Commons Licensing Explained YouTube. All Rights Reserved.    Introduction: Sharing happens every day everywhere. Through Web 2.0, Internet platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., promote the sharing […]

Assignment 2

Sharing brings the world together

In this digital era, many countries and regions advocate common development and progress rather than their own closed research. Gradually, the concept of ‘sharing’ came into being and became popularized and deeply rooted in people’s […]

Assignment 2

Creative Commons: “When we share, everyone wins”

Creative Commons Logo, Hibr, Some rights reserved CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSES INTRODUCTION The Creative Commons Licenses is a copyright licensing authorization mechanism. The difference from the existing copyright law “all rights reserved” is that the Creative Commons […]