Assignment 2

Content Moderation Across Platforms: Double standards, Trump and Governance

Content Moderation across Social Media Platforms: Double standards, Donald Trump and Governance By Charlotte Robertson – Tutorial #5 “Exploring Governance Structures on Social Media Platforms” by POLISEA is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 What is Content Moderation? Content Moderation […]

Assignment 2

What lies behind Techlash

Introduction: What is “techlash”? “Techlash” refers to the phenomenon that the number one of large technology companies is getting bigger and bigger, and the phenomenon of resistance or even opposition to popular modern technology. Not […]

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The president supports violence undisguisedly? Facebook violates the right of freedom of speech? Whose fault is it?

Former US president Donald Trump has lashed out at Facebook after the social media company’s independent oversight board upheld a decision to ban him from the platform for the moment. However, the board also said […]