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Techlash: Is there a crisis of trust due to technology?

“Tech companies” by Huzaifa Abedeen, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons What is meant by the “techlash”? Techlash is a term coined by the Economist and popularized in 2018. Advanced information technology is generally […]

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The State of Racism in the Internet World: Increasing or Softening?

In the early days of ICT4D(Information and Communications Technologies for Development), people trusted that ICTs(Information and communication technologies) would naturally help reduce the growth of structural inequalities. They thought that since ICTs give access to […]

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Structural Inequalities Within the Internet

The existence of unequal rights and opportunities amongst individuals creates a divide in status, which constructs the notion of structural inequalities (United Nations ESCWA, 2021). These disparities occurring in fields of education, healthcare, wealth and […]

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Platform Business is The New Business?

When did the business commence, what are its primary fields of operation, and has it been successful? Platforms Business are not new; we interact with them almost every day. One will imagine big buildings to […]

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A Case Study of Tinder’s Platform Business

Tinder launched in 2012 with start-up incubator Hatch Labs, as a joint venture between IAC (InterActiveCorp) and Xtreme Labs. Originally called Matchbox, the app’s release date was delayed by the Apple Store’s approval process, however, […]