Assignment 3

Google: Friend or Foe?

Introduction This essay provides a critical analysis of Google and its transformative effect on society. Google has embedded itself into the lives of people around the world, to the extent that the word ‘Google’ has […]

Cartoon feature of Search
Assignment 2

Into Search Engines

With the change of times, Internet technology will only become more sophisticated and mature. With this comes richer methods of communication and an ever more bewildering amount of information. At this time, how to accurately […]

Assignment 2

Hey Google, Can You Tell Me The Truth?

Introduction A search engine is an information retrieval system that allows for keyword searches of distributed digital text (Havalais, 2013). It allows people to seek a wealth of information in seconds. Using several keywords, people […]

Assignment 2

How are Search Engines Manipulating Us??

Introduction In this essay, search engines are picked as internet innovations. The essay begins by defining the term and background. Then it will explain how the genesis of search engines is a part of the […]