Airtasker: Redefining Work

This paper will explore the role Airtasker has played in transforming the way we look for work, or complete our day to day tasks. Within an economic, political, social and cultural framework, these transformations will […]

Assignment 3

Facebook: A New Shared World!

Even as the world digitally evolves at an astonishing rate, there is nothing that beats Facebook as one of the most recent innovations in digital technologies. The company, established as a social interaction site initially, […]

Illustration of a Twitter World
Assignment 3

Expressing yourself in 280 characters

Through brief but expressive posts, Twitter affords numerous transformative effects for the political and social realm of our lives. Compared to other social networking sites (SNS) like Instagram and Facebook, Twitter’s defining feature is the […]

Assignment 3

Uber: Transformative innovations in the taxi market

In the context of the Internet era, the emergence of Uber makes ride-hailing the choice of more people. This ride-hailing model has brought a transformative impact to the transportation industry, promoted the development of coordinated […]