Assignment 3

Facebook: A New Shared World!

Even as the world digitally evolves at an astonishing rate, there is nothing that beats Facebook as one of the most recent innovations in digital technologies. The company, established as a social interaction site initially, […]

WeChat cupcake
Assignment 3

WeChat: a new lifestyle

Introduction With the popularity of smartphones, more and more people are using social applications such as WeChat. The emergence and gradual popularization of WeChat has greatly changed people’s lifestyle and social mode. This essay will […]

Assignment 2

When search engines are explored from the transformative effects they generate: Does it emerge more disadvantages than benefits?

Background and Introduction: In the last half-century, the world experienced rapid transformations within the personal computer domain as penetrated the office, educational setting, and the home (Levene, 2010). The so-called decade of the World Wide […]