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Assignment 2

Black Mirror: A vision into the future?

The dystopian television show, ‘Black Mirror’, by Charlie Brooker represents an austere vision of the future where society has diminished into a despotic, technocratic state. Although it is both bleak and pessimistic, serving to warn […]


The Great Hack: are we the slaves of internet?

SID: 500519747  |  Name: jiaxuan (Naomi) Liu  | CLASS: 11  |   TUTOR: Yuan Jiang “Who has seen an advertisement that has convinced you that your microphone is listening to your conversation?” (Noujaim, J & Amer, K, […]

Group 2

Taobaoa “indispensable e-commerce platform in China”

Taobao has established itself as an “indispensable e-commerce platform in China” and a market leader. Introduction Taobao, which means “finding treasure” in Chinese, is a Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce marketplace founded by the […]