Assignment 3

It Is Everywhere: The Successful Story of TikTok

Within 4 years, TikTok has become the most popular music video application around the world. This critical analysis will examine how TikTok has changed our understanding of the internet through its technology, business model and […]

Assignment 3

Twitter: ‘Democratisation’ as Cover for Consolidation

Twitter has expanded the boundaries of participation in public-facing discourse, and in doing so, has provided a platform for a range of counter-hegemonic discourses: consumers can easily give feedback to businesses (Colliander et al.,2015; Curran, […]

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assignment 3

Instagram: A focus on the visual

Instagram: A focus on the visual Instagram has changed the world in a social, political and economic sense. The platform transformed the written-based internet into a space of visual communication. The immense transition of focus […]


Revolution of Meituan: not just Food delivery APP

With the popularity of online payment, the convenience of online shopping allows people to spend without going out. Meituan is famous for online food delivery and group buying. With the continuous development of e-commerce, Meituan […]


Critical internet ecology analysis: Twitter

Introduction Internet has created many opportunities for companies to reach out to customers and also an avenue for customers to interact and sharing information with each other’s. These internet companies are innovative in ways in […]