TikTok Application
Assignment 3

The Development and Rise of TikTok

Introduction In just four years of existence, TikTok has become an indispensable tool of social interaction and internet culture for Generation Z. This critical analysis on TikTok will examine the app’s transformative effects on the […]

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Assignment 3

What Has Facebook Brought to The World?

Introduction Facebook is a social media and social networking site, which allow users to connect and share information with family and friends online. It owns over a billion users and has had transformed the traditional […]

iOS / iPhone
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Has The Rise Of The WeChat Era Changed Society?

Introduction With the advancement of science and technology, WeChat has changed from a primitive social communication tool to a lifestyle that promotes digital sharing and consumption on a global scale. The widespread application of the […]

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality Is Applicable In Australia

Introduction The question of whether Net neutrality should be applied in Australia can be discuss with reference to the different attitudes of countries and technology companies on this issue. For example, to discuss weakness and […]

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Assignment 2

Do you ‘Like’ what social media has become?

Social networking has developed rapidly since the 1970’s. Originally existing as basic file sharing networks, recent decades of globalisation, free trade, and technological revolution have moulded social media into a cornerstone of modern life.

Social Media Apps

Social News Sharing Is A Genre Of Innovative News

This article mainly discusses the emerging characteristics of digital media, and reflects the influence of social news sharing on society and analyzes the characteristic changes of news genres in the digital age.

Image displaying forms of biometric identification such as iris scan & fingerprint.
Assignment 2

Is Australia late to the Biometric Identification Trend?

Recently, implementing biometric technology for identification purposes has become an increasingly viable option due to costs decreasing rapidly and increased promotion of biometrics use in developing countries by global corporations and donors such as the […]

In this photo illustration a computer screen and mobile phone display the Netflix logo on March 31, 2020 in Arlington, Virginia.
Assignment 3

The relation between network ecology and value of Netflix

1. Introduction Every company requires creating value for themselves depending on the shared relationships with other businesses. The interrelationship shared between businesses entities form an economic system which is defined as business ecology. Different businesses, […]

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AirBnB: Digital Transformation in Hotel

                 Picture Showing Airbnb App image: https://techcrunch.com/2015/04/29/airbnb-on-ipad/ In today’s life, AirBnB, as an online travel agency, has developed as one of the most important market leaders in hospitality. […]


Airtasker: Redefining Work

This paper will explore the role Airtasker has played in transforming the way we look for work, or complete our day to day tasks. Within an economic, political, social and cultural framework, these transformations will […]

Assignment 3

It Is Everywhere: The Successful Story of TikTok

Within 4 years, TikTok has become the most popular music video application around the world. This critical analysis will examine how TikTok has changed our understanding of the internet through its technology, business model and […]

Assignment 3

Twitter: ‘Democratisation’ as Cover for Consolidation

Twitter has expanded the boundaries of participation in public-facing discourse, and in doing so, has provided a platform for a range of counter-hegemonic discourses: consumers can easily give feedback to businesses (Colliander et al.,2015; Curran, […]

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assignment 3

Instagram: A focus on the visual

Instagram: A focus on the visual Instagram has changed the world in a social, political and economic sense. The platform transformed the written-based internet into a space of visual communication. The immense transition of focus […]