The sharing economy harnesses the power of technology to facilitate peer-to-peer exchanges, challenging traditional business models and emphasizing communal access over individual ownership.

Wai Ting Tsang, Nuo Chen,jiayi Sheng, Yangchunxiao Xu

Chris Lehane, the Airbnb’s head of global policy, discussing tranditional hotel company’s strategy on how will they resposne to the rising wave of Airbnb.

Airbnb, by offering travelers a unique and often more affordable place to stay, has posed challenges for the traditional hotel industry. Many tourists now prefer Airbnb’s homey experience and the chance to live like a local. As a result, hotels, especially smaller establishments, have seen a drop in bookings. This has pushed many hotels to rethink their services, offer more personalized experiences, and even adjust their pricing to stay competitive. The rise of Airbnb underscores the impact of digital platforms on longstanding business models.

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Ride-sharing platforms, such as Uber and Lyft, have undeniably disrupted the traditional taxi industry in urban areas around the globe. Their rise can be attributed to the convenience of app-based booking, transparent pricing, and often, a more competitive fare. Many urban dwellers and visitors now prefer these platforms for their user-friendly interface and perceived reliability. Consequently, traditional taxi services have faced declining demand, prompting them to innovate, adapt digital methods, or advocate for regulatory measures. While ride-sharing platforms offer a modern alternative, the tug-of-war with traditional taxis underscores the broader challenges and changes faced by industries in the digital age.

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The advent of music streaming apps, such as Spotify and Apple Music, has shifted the way people consume music. Gone are the days when most would visit a store to buy a CD. Now, with just a few taps on a phone, endless playlists and albums are available instantly. This convenience has led to a decline in CD sales and stores, highlighting how technology can reshape our habits and the industries we once knew.

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