Political challenge: misinformation exacerbates social crisis

Misinformation Danger by 3dpete is marked with CC BY-NC 4.0

Member names: Yining Sun, Zhirui Tian

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What is misinformation, serious examples of misinformation:

Misleading and false information is spread through the media. This first originated from the fake news campaign in Ancient Rome
Augustus has both used some dirty tricks to get to where he is and stay there, even using the age-old version of “tweets” on his rival Mark Antony. In this way, he became an emperor and used fake news to consolidate his power.

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Consequences of recent examples (trump):

American journalism is no longer trusted by the public. There is a widespread misinformation crisis in democracies, and public trust in the media has been declining over the past decade. Journalists are generally underfunded and backed by governments and technology companies. During the U.S. presidential elections in the past few years, misinformation that affected people’s emotions was constantly spread and promoted political polarization. Journalists cannot determine the veracity of the information.

Misinformation Danger by 3dpete is marked with CC BY-NC 4.0

How to control misinformation Example:

Misinformation campaigns are especially problematic in democratic systems. Stakeholders all hope to solve the problem without harming digital media. The news industry must provide high-quality reporting to build public trust and correct misinformation. Tech companies should invest in tools to identify fake news and improve online accountability. Educational institutions should attach great importance to promoting news literacy among people. Finally, individuals should pay attention to a variety of news sources and view them critically. For the government, in the case of New Mexico, they created the “Rumors vs. Reality” website to provide accurate information about the election and correct incorrect content, so as to keep it as fair as possible


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