What measures have been taken by the Government with regard to tiktok?

Abstract :As Tiktok’s popularity has grown, so have the government’s concerns. The world’s politics have taken various measures against it, addressing data privacy, content moderation, and the security of national data. This article mainly compares the policies adopted by the Australian government and the Chinese government towards TikTok, so as to analyze the development of TikTok.

#TikTok banned from government devices amid security concerns

  • Australia has followed the US, UK, New Zealand and Canada in imposing a ban on TikTok for public servants and politicians.
  • Government staff given exceptions to use TikTok for work will need a dedicated phone for the app.
  • Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced a TikTok ban on state government devices and will no longer use the app.
  • TikTok said it is extremely disappointed by the decision which it claimed was driven by politics, not fact.

The Australian government has banned politicians and public servants from using the social media video app TikTok on their work devices after receiving advice from intelligence and security agencies.
Australian Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said in a statement that exceptions to the use of the Chinese-owned service would only be granted on a case-by-case basis.

TikTok’s ties to China: why concerns over your data are here to stay

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism argues that the collection of data is not revelatory. When it comes to Tiktok, the government and skeptics question where the data goes. When the question is more specific or specific, is whether all this data ends up in the hands of the Chinese government?

By Yue Li Weiwei Zhang