A2 action plan

1.Understand what hacker culture is.

Youtube”hacker culture”

2.Hacker culture refers to a subculture of computer enthusiasts and experts who are known for their deep passion for technology, programming, and computer systems. Hacker culture is not inherently malicious or criminal; it encompasses a wide range of individuals with diverse motivations and values. Here are some key aspects of hacker culture:

1.Security Awareness

2.Legal and Ethical Dilemmas


2.Learn how to crack the safety culture

From the perspective of network security, cybercrime has been growing. The average age is only 17.


3.Hacker culture emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity and raises awareness of digital threats. This includes educating the public about best practices for online safety.

It’s important to note that the term “hacker” can have different connotations depending on context. Not all hackers are malicious or engage in illegal activities.

Ethical hackers, in particular, play a crucial role in strengthening cybersecurity and protecting digital systems.