The regulation of the Internet changed the ideology

Why China needs to set a BARRIER on the Internet?

——Regulatory system ——Privacy

(increased scrutiny and filtering of information)

——Nature of the Internet (blocking outside mass communication to China)

Regulatory regime leads to Ideological differences between countries

Purpose of the Chinese to go over the barrier

——Access to more truthful information

——Lack of transparency in Chinese media

Why Google was kicked out of the Chinese market?

——Google is a product of the United States and has a different ideology from China’s

——Failure to comply with China’s internet system

Although the extranet is good, it can be exploited and many people can’t tell the difference and are easily incited, so the government needs to intervene. (example: the history of Tibet, the division of Taiwan)

Ideology of the United States:

China’s ideology:

The division of the internet

——Ideology leads to differences in positions