Copyright Challenges in a Globalized World


This essay discusses the challenges of copyright in the digital age and its role in protecting creative works.


Copyright safeguards creators’ rights to their works and promotes a diverse cultural landscape. It strikes a balance by granting exclusive rights for a limited time before entering the public domain.

Differing Copyright Laws:

International agreements like the Berne Convention set core principles for copyright protection, but countries implement them differently, leading to diverse copyright laws. Some nations have stricter enforcement measures.

Challenges for the Creative Industry:

The online world involves a wide array of countries’ laws, making it complex to navigate. Differences in copyright laws affect various aspects of copyright issues, making it challenging for internet actors.

Proposed Solutions:

Some propose a harmonized copyright law for the internet, but this faces challenges due to differing national interests and legal traditions.

Strategies to Overcome:

The digital era and emerging technologies have transformed copyright protection. It discusses the need to consider licensed and proprietary technologies when creating e-commerce platforms.


Copyright law should balance the interests of copyright holders and the general public in today’s digital environment.