The Impact of Google and Other Technology Giants on the Internet Environment from the Perspective of 3I


  In today’s society, in the era of the rise of internet giants such as Google, people use the internet more and more ordinary. People can use internet to chat with other people, play casual games, and can share their lives and observe each other’s dynamics at any time. However, the 3 “I” model is also one of the critical factors for the network. The rise of internet giants is also built on the 3 “I” model. 3 “I” model also signalled the maturation of the internet’s system. I think 3 “I” model is so highly valued in the internet and it will influence the internet environment.

Introduce what is 3 “I” model:

  The so-called 3 “I” model is made up of idea, institution and interest. It will run through the entire development of the internet. But what do each of these three factors represent in the internet? Let me explain it. Idea is a crucial factor for web creators or social software developers. Because a good developer must have their own unique idea, so as to create a different websites or software, and make it more novel. Institution is as the name suggests, this is the cyber regulator. An important department dedicated to cyber security. The internet is also prone to accidents. Because people can comment anonymously on the internet, it also becomes a security risk. Many illegal elements will think that the Internet is a lawless place, so some people often make pornographic rumours, network violence and so on. So the regulatory authorities play a supervisory role. Network interest is also one of the necessary factors for the development of network. Because in the internet World, only people love to watch this page or love to use this software. So they can monetize the clicks on the internet. We can see the importance of the 3 “I” model and we can also conclude that the 3 “I” model is essential for the development of the whole internet.

The rise of technology giants will make the online World more developed, but it will also cause some inevitable troubles:

  3 “I” model is so highly valued in the internet because it can improve the operation of the network and make the network environment better and better, as well as improve the user’s experience of surfing the internet. The sector of institution in particular is a crucial presence for cybersecurity. In recent years, due to the continuous development of the internet, many unethical and even illegal behaviours have been found on the internet. Among the recent giants of cyber science, WeChat is a very typical example. Due to the rise of social software such as WeChat, many people are able to chat with their family and friends without meeting each other, but at the same time, it also gives a lot of unscrupulous elements to take advantage of. They will make use of the chatting function of the network so as to scam people online. This has led to the emergence of the function of cyber supervision on the internet, but it is not able to fully capture most of the cyber fraudsters. Cambridge University press publish a book said: “Rampant abuse, hate speech, censorship, bias and disinformation———-our internet has problem.” This is a good revelation of the downside of our network. Some people who are fond of rumour mongering may even do things like making pornographic rumours and other and their nasty acts against some women. These behaviours may cause the victims of rumours to commit suicide or become disillusioned and may also lead to social unrest.

The rise of technology giants will make it more convenient to access knowledge and information and people can post more and better ideas online:

  Nowadays, the development of the internet is showing a more objective trend and people usually use the internet to build good relationships between people. Create a communication network. So internet is a very good medium used to maintain relationships. Of course, people also usually post on the internet according to their emotions at that time. The advantage of this is that friends and family will be through the network we post, to judge our mood at this time, we and need to think more ideas out, so that our network life is not so monotonous, but also can exercise open mind. An article said that “Ideas, as Bakhtin articulates, are made with, for and because of others. This statement is particularly meaningful when trying to understand the creation of complex compositions, such as the creation of a new TV series, a prospect for where to find oil or the development of a research article, rather than creating a simpler or more confined idea.” As you can see, idea is a vital presence no matter what time of the year it is. With the rise of the scientific giants, people are free from so many limitations and can publish more novel ideas in the media.

The rise of technology giants has also created enormous benefits for the media:

  The rise of technology giants is a major breakthrough in the internet World. And with it, the benefits of the internet, which I am going to talk about next. In the World of the internet, online benefits are also an essential part of the equation. Most developers develop an app that is mostly inseparable from the benefits they want. For example, the emergency of Google has provided great convenience for people to find information and so on, people have to use Google to search in order to achieve the purpose of finding this information. But the developers of Google may be thinking about how to use Google to make profit. The more clicks an app gets, the more interest the app will get. Jason Potts said that: “It was accepted that failure rates were going to be high, but the assumption was that the survivors would prosper and deliver the innovations that would drive a new phase of economic growth.” It can be seen that innovativeness and network economy trends are in a positively proportional form. It can also be said that a person with creativity can create more good apps, and when the app is the hottest, that is the best time for the online economy.

Due to the rapid development of the modern network, I think the 3 “I” model will also be one of the important factors for the future development of the internet:

No matter how the internet evolves, I do not think it will ever be able to break away from the 3 “I” model. Because I think the 3 “I” model will never go out of style, no matter that era you are in. In any case, we need to have our own ideas, and in today’s society, where the internet is so advanced, an internet regulatory system is necessary in any case. The network economy is also one of the most important factors in the development of the network, which determines whether a software or a network will last for a long time or not. And I also believe that we should be grateful to the contemporary internet, which is becoming more and more developed, so that our planet has become a global village. It is what makes people closer together.


  To summarise, 3 “I” model is a crucial presence for the internet and the online World as a whole. Idea will inspire people to be creative on the web, institution will make people follow the rules of the web, and interest will propel the internet as a whole. Therefore, I think 3 “I” model will be a major trend in the future development of the internet.


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