A3 Improvement Plan

After the peer-review, I have reflected on my own writing. The central thing I want to work on is incorporating my sources more strongly into my writing. While doing the assignment, I tended to dive into one source at a time and flesh it out on its own. Going forward, I want to look at each source individually, and then create my own analysis based on how I can connect different sources. 

Additionally, another critique I received was that my examples were helpful, but not fleshed out enough. In order to make my point clear, going forward I need to further analyze the examples I choose. In my next assignment, I will make sure to avoid choosing a simplistic example that is already clear. Instead, I will work to make a new and innovative claim that is supported by an example that is not already clear on its own. 

Lastly, I got a lot of feedback on my APA citations. I need to work on making sure that each citation is cited properly. Going forward, I will make sure that my reference list correctly matches the citations in the paragraph, and that all authors are included.