A3 Improvement Plan

1. Opening question improved:

Key points:

  • Theme selection
  • Avoid starting with reading material
  • Reading material as aid
  • Detailed summary: When starting an assignment, I will make sure that my opening addresses directly the topic or issue related to the Internet, rather than starting with the reading material. The readings will be used as support material to help me analyze and explore the topic in greater depth.
  • Improvement areas: Improve the quality of the beginning of the article to make it more targeted.

2. Improvement of cited sources:

Key points:

  • At least two academic references
  • At least two non-academic references
  • Keep your sources diverse

In future assignments, I will make sure to use enough reference sources while balancing the use of academic and non-academic references to provide sufficient evidence and support for my analysis.

  • Areas of improvement: Increase and diversify citation sources.

3. Improvement in the use of reading materials:

Key points:

  • Avoid making reading material the main focus
  • Using materials as analytical tools
  • Detailed summary: Reading material will be used as supporting material rather than topic. I will make sure that they serve as tools to deepen understanding and analysis of the subject, rather than to divert the reader’s attention.
  • Areas of Improvement: More appropriate use of reading materials.

4. Improvement of APA format issues:

Key points:

  • Double check APA format requirements
  • Fixed italic formatting
  • Detailed summary: In order to follow the APA formatting specification, I make sure that the italics are used correctly and I always check the citation rules to make sure that my assignments are formatted correctly.
  • Improvement areas: Improve the accuracy and consistency of APA formats.