A3 Plan.

Step 1: Identify improvement areas
The key areas for improvement are as follows:

  1. Clarity: Make sure every idea and paragraph is clearly expressed.
  2. Integrity of references and data: Ensure that all references and data are accurate, complete and properly formatted.
  3. In-depth analysis: More in-depth analysis and discussion of ideas and arguments.
  4. Clarity of conclusion: Identify and summarize the main ideas and conclusions of each section or whole essay.

Step 2: Make an action plan

  1. Clarity of content, ensuring that each main idea is clearly defined and explained in detail.
  2. Use relevant examples or cases to support and explain ideas.
  3. Carefully check the citation format to make sure that the “references” section is fully cited.
  4. Ensure the accuracy of the data and information used.
  5. Analyze ideas or problems from different perspectives or levels.

Step 3: Take stock of your inadequacies, evaluate them, and frequently assess your progress to make necessary corrections. I would make academic writing more clear by, for instance, beginning phrases with “however,” “But,” and “.” The article’s general flow will be impacted by this. For instance, extra context or background information may be required to justify the statement “However, freedom is restricted today.”