Individual Action Plan

Reflect on A1:

  1. I have the tendency of writing very long sentences, which can make it hard for the reader to grasp my idea.
  2. I opened my writing with generic topic sentences, which might confuse the reader on what my main idea is.
  3. My academic thoughts are not strong enough – I have good evidence, yet I didn’t quite articulate my thoughts on the explained theory and accompanied evidence.
  4. I sometimes forgot to put a transitioning sentence between my explained theory and evidence. The transitioning sentence would help create a reading flow, reducing confusion.

Improvement from the next assignment:

  1. Shorter sentences = better understanding and less confusion.
  2. Be concise in the first topic sentence – explain my stance and what I’m going to talk about.
  3. Articulate my thoughts on the chosen topic – This will showcase my understanding and knowledge of the chosen topic.
  4. Put transitioning sentence between theory and evidence.