A3 action plan

Action Plan for the Three I’s Essay Assignment

Step 1: Topic Selection and Approval

    1. Potential topics, focusing on current issues, industries, or policies related to the Internet.
    2. Ensure the topic differs from the one researched for Assessment Item 2.
    3. Seek approval for the chosen topic from your tutor.

Step 2: Initial Research

    1. Start with a general overview of the topic to understand its relevance and significance.
    2. Identify potential sources: academic journals, articles, books, and reputable online sources.
    3. Start gathering information on the three I’s related to the topic: Ideas, Interests, and Institutions.

Step 3: Deep Dive into the ‘Three I’s’

    1. Ideas:
      • Research historical and social contexts that shaped these ideas.
      • Understand cultural, national, or social group differences related to these ideas.
    2. Interests:
      • Identify major companies or entities involved.
      • Investigate any controversies related to their operation.
      • Identify any competing interests or disruptions in the industry.
    3. Institutions:
      • Determine the government or regulatory bodies associated with the topic.
      • Understand the decision-making processes, transparency, and accountability of these institutions.

Step 4: Design Infographics

    1. Collate key findings and stakeholders for each of the three I’s.
    2. Use tools like Canva, Piktochart, or Adobe Illustrator to design infographics.
    3. Ensure infographics are visually appealing and convey information clearly and concisely.

Step 5: Drafting the Essay

    1. Organize your findings and structure your essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion.
    2. Write the draft, integrating the infographics and ensuring a logical flow of arguments and information.
    3. Cite sources appropriately throughout.

Step 6: Finalize the Essay

    1. Revise the draft based on feedback.
    2. Ensure all references are correctly cited.
    3. Proofread for grammar, clarity, and coherence.
    4. Prepare the bibliography with at least 10 academic references.