Relevant discussions on the impact of the Internet (TikTok, Twitter, etc.) on gender discrimination. Example of using an information Cocoon room.

Relevant discussions on the impact of the Internet (TikTok, Twitter, etc.) on gender discrimination. (Discuss whether the impact of the internet on gender discrimination is good or bad. Example of using an information Cocoon room.)

  • What is an information cocoon room ?

The information cocoon refers to the lack of true information diversity. The information that people have access to is limited. People are more willing to pay attention to what they want to see or are interested in. And ignore viewpoints that differ significantly from one’s own. This is also known as cognitive dissonance. Focusing solely on similar information for a long time can lead to social problems such as information narrowing and small group formation, ultimately forming an information cocoon. It was proposed by Harvard University professor Keith Sunstein in 2006. People will eventually wrap themselves in cocoons like silkworm pupae. There is so much information on the internet that people cannot read all of it every day. You can only view fragmented information. Online media platforms also aim to retain users; Enable users to stay on the platform for longer periods of time; Enable users to generate dependencies; A set of algorithms will be developed to understand the reasons why users prefer to purchase products on the platform. Only display the content that the customer likes to see. Take Tiktok for example, when a newly registered new user has just downloaded Tiktok. Tiktok will give users about 10 videos with millions of likes in different fields. See which videos users like, and then recommend more videos related to their likes to users. Taking myself as an example, I liked watching beauty videos on Tiktok for a while. At that time, I would brush 5-6 beauty videos every day. This not only happens to ordinary people, but also to researchers. Because search engines, databases, etc. also form memories. This can lead to a one-sided study of scholars’ knowledge. Therefore, the information cocoon has become a research hotspot in recent years. Professors will conduct research and solutions from multiple dimensions such as algorithm technology and human intervention. For example, scientists address the information cocoon problem by incorporating multi label classification into algorithms.

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  • The Disadvantages of Information Cocoon Room on Gender discrimination

The information cocoon room can lead to a lack of empathy as people become overly focused on their own needs ignoring the thoughts of others. Exacerbating polarized and biased thinking. This is also reflected in sexism, a man with a patriarchal mindset may constantly swipe to videos that say men are superior. Or he may keep swiping to videos posted by male CEOs and successful male personnel. Thus, exacerbating his patriarchal mindset and ignoring women’s feelings. As we all know, human beings need alliances, and it takes every citizen to work hard to make a country better. If people only focus on the information they are interested in, it will be difficult for the society to unite. It leads to fragmentation. It will lose the stickiness of the society. Making people only focus on themselves and a few people around them. In addition, it will increase group exclusion, people will instinctively exclude other groups. For example, in a male-dominated community, if a good female entrepreneur enters, she is likely to be discriminated against by the men, even if she is also a very good entrepreneur. This can lead to a lack of confidence on her part. When it comes to self-confidence, the solidification of information can also lead to blind self-confidence. Exacerbating the antagonistic situation, the emergence of the information cocoon leads to more sexism and prejudice. And the information cocoon room is largely due to the programmed algorithms of Internet software such as TikTok. So from this perspective, the internet has a negative impact on gender discrimination.

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  • The Positive Impact of the Internet on Gender discrimination.

According to a report by the United Nations Development Program, 3 points out the benefits of the Internet in helping women and eliminating gender discrimination. Digital technology is a key force for women to participate in citizenship and enhance their communication and action abilities.

1. The use of Internet software such as TikTok has also increased women’s influence and visibility.

2. Based on the current situation, it is predicted that in the future, although social media campaigns may not be able to replace offline activities. But it can support the advocacy of women’s organizations and help feminists organize community activities. The Internet plays an important role in self-help, self-organization, and mutual learning. With the further development of high-quality digital services and internet software, more women can participate in these activities.

3. The internet plays a crucial role in the emotional health of marginalized women. Research has shown that digital media can help women who are discriminated against by gender alleviate the pressure associated with social isolation, stay in touch with people with similar experiences, understand their rights, and exchange information within the community. Digital technology provides countless opportunities for women’s personal and professional development. The digital age has made significant contributions to gender equality and women’s empowerment, helping people eliminate gender stereotypes and other barriers, and enabling women to benefit equally from the opportunities provided by digitization. Let people gradually have a digital ecosystem of gender equality. 

  • Example of TikTok helping gender equality

The internet has caused much unemployment; Being discriminated against in the male workplace; Being marginalized in a patriarchal country; Women who work as housewives at home have the opportunity to showcase themselves and earn money on the internet. And the internet also allows some elite women, singers, and other women who have the same social status or even better than men to showcase themselves and introduce themselves, making feminists realize that there are many excellent female entrepreneurs. Break through their fixed gender discrimination ideology. Help insecure women regain their confidence. Make women realize that they are excellent and equal to men. The discrimination suffered may come from physical factors, but women can have other advantages over men, and so on.

TikTok has given Indian rural women fame, wealth, and happiness. 27-year-old full-time mother Mamta Verma married her husband after graduating from university. Living an ordinary life in a small town. One day, when she had nothing to do at home, she decided to shoot TikTok videos. As a result, she now has over 1 million followers and can earn $50 per video. Her video content is only about shooting dance videos in a humble home. Soon her income will allow her to buy a new house, and it’s not just money. For her, before becoming an internet celebrity, she dared not talk to people, dared not talk to people, and lived in rural India facing discrimination. And now she has become the confident leader of Indian women. Obtained more wealth than her husband.

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According to data statistics, before September 2021, 60% of TikTok’s active users in the United States were women. When using TikTok, most women discuss feminism and women’s experiences. There are also many specialized feminist labels in TikTok. For example, # BimboTok advocates for liberating oneself, the body, and aesthetics, and becoming what one wants without being criticized by others. No longer dressing for male gaze. Leave the gaze of the male gaze. The video views under this label have exceeded 63.8 million times. Women display old photos of themselves wearing clothing that they believe meets the male gaze in the label ‘before and after I no longer dress for male gaze’, followed by recent photos that reflect different aesthetic qualities that are not influenced by male gaze and have been criticized by men. TikTok is rapidly promoting feminist discussions, enabling young women to understand their rights as women from an early age, engage in dialogue, educate themselves and others, and truly realize living for themselves.